Tips for Choosing a Word of the Year

Word of the Year
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What is a word of the year? Let’s start with what it is not. It is not a new year’s resolution. It is not a specific thing. It is not goal setting. Such as losing weight, or exercise more, or saving money.

It is a mindset you want to adopt for 2023. A value you want to apply to the year. It is a word when you think of it helps push you forward. 

My word for 2022 was perseverance. I had recently quit my job of 22 years to pursue my small business full-time. I knew that I need the perseverance to see the year through without giving up through all the ups and downs as I learned how to navigate this whole new “job” business. I painted the word on a piece of paper and stuck it above my computer desk to remind myself that I could preserve anything. The definition of Perseverance: persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

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Tips for Choosing a Word of the Year.
So how do you pick a word? Here’s the method I use. I reflect on the last year and make three lists about all aspects of my life, work, family, home, health, and relationships. I work on this over the course of a few days. I do not rush and I force myself to be honest with myself.

  1. I wrote down what made me happy this last year. What I got excited about.
  2. I wrote down things that caused stress. Things that didn’t work. Things that could be better. 
  3. Health, what did I do or didn’t do to make sure I was healthy?

Then I searched on Pinterest for words of the year lists to browse words I thought would fit. Gathering a few that stuck out, I looked at the definition of each word. The word does not have to check off all items on your list! Remember it’s a mindset.

After finding a few I thought about them for about a week before settling on one. Then I made a reminder (art, printout, or screen saver), something I would see throughout the year.

Here are a few words to help give you an idea.
Words of reflection: awareness, awe, breathe, pause, reset, gratitude, resilience, optimism, focus

Words of change: reset, renew, nourish, energize, growth, recharge, evolve, bloom, adventure, travel

Words of connection: relate, reconnect, experience, balance, engage, cherish, comfort, listen

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This year I have narrowed my word to Reset. I choose this word because I realized I was so scattered last year trying to do all things that I didn’t do much that well. I was easily distracted. But also hyper-attentive to one thing that I would burn out. I would lose sight of my goals, find something new and shiny, and not follow all the way through. I didn’t give my relationships, family, health, or business the attention it needed to truly succeed because I was trying to do all the things. So I am going back to the basics! Reset and focus on the important things. 

Words are very personal. Take time to find one for yourself and while you can choose more than one I find one to be easier to remember and use throughout the year. 

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I would love to hear your word of the year! I think sharing our words and the story can be so inspirational for others. Fill free to share your word in our Crafty Living Facebook Group or share below! Telling our stories to a friend can be so uplifting!

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I hope my Tips for Choosing a Word of the Year helps you find the word you need to move forward in 2023.
Cheers to 2023 and thanks for stopping by your crafty friend ~ Byrdie

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Word of the Year
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