My Favorite Paint Tools.
While thinking about what are my favs are the list grew and grew! I love using so many things to get the right finish. But I will narrow it down to just a handful of my absolute must-haves and why!

I have 3 containers full of brushes, I believe you can never have too many. I love trying out new brands, styles, etc so anytime I see a sale, I grab a pack. 

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But really there are 3 brushes I use 99% of the time from my large selection. 

  1. My large flat
  2. Medium Round
  3. Liner
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Chip Brush
The older and crustier the better in my opinion. This is perfect for dry brushing and giving things a rustic, vintage, old, dirty look! And they are cheap so if it gets too crusty I don’t feel bad grabbing a new one.

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Baby Wipe
If you are looking for a stained look but hate the smell of oil-based stains you need a pack of baby wipes. They give you an effortless faux-stained look using any color! Wrap the baby wipe around your finger, dip it in paint, and rub it on your wood surface. Done! I get asked if you can use a damp paper towel or rag and yes you can. Here is what I have learned. Paper towels tend to not hold up as well and break down faster. Rags work just as well but 2 things, laundry and well laundry.

Makeup Wedge/Sponge
I only started using these a year ago and can’t imagine painting small pieces any other way now. So easy to get a smooth flawless finish on those small delicate pieces. I really try to make these little sponges stretch so will cut them in have and then just cut then painted ends off to get as many applications as I can.

Masking Tape
Using the sticky side up, masking tape is so helpful in holding those small delicate pieces while painting! 

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If you are just getting started crafting picking the right tools may seem daunting as there are so many choices! But I can say from experience to just start with a few, test them out, and if you hate them try something else. Brushes/tools are very personal, as you continue to craft/paint you will find favorites of your own. Favorite styles, brands, and sizes will come the more you experiment. I hope sharing My Favorite Painting Tools with you was helpful! I hope this takes out some of the guesswork as you get started crafting!

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My Favorite Paint Tools

My Favorite Paint Tools
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