What do I need to complete my Joy Box?

Here you will find a list of general household items you will need


The box comes with a variety of brushes depending on the project but have a good set of brushes on hand is a good idea. Brushes are a very personal tool and we all get accustom to certain styles and shapes.  Using your favs can help take the frustration out of your creative time. Amazon


WHERE ARE MY SCISSORS?!!?  Anybody else scream this to your family?  Why are scissors so hard to find?  I have multiple pair and I still never can find mine. Amazon 

Old Jar or Cup

Water and an old jar are need to clean brushes.  Just dont mix it up with your coffee, drink or wine! Dont ask me houw I know this is a thing!!

Glue | Glue Gun

Joy Box comes with super glue but if you need more or prefer something one of my favorite tools is the glue gun because one it dries/adheres super fast, two it provides a strong hold, and three if you don’t have all your fingerprints burned off from a glue gun are your really consider a crafter? Tacky or Elmers glue works just as well too and gives you more play time to adjust your elements before it sets up!! Amazon 

Ruler and Pencil

We use a ruler for sketching our lines and measuring our ribbon or jute. Most things can be eyeballed and will work just fine with out it. 
A pencil can be helpful for making marks in placement of elements.

Masking Tape

Masking tape helps hold all the tiny delicate pieces while we paint!  Makes life so much easier.  Really any tape will work as long as it low tack. Washi tape, scotch tape, or painters masking tape are all great. Do not use duct tape or packing tape! Amazon 

Rags | Paper Towels | Baby Wipes

Being in the creative zone is a wonderful place to be, its happy, it brings joy, its our time to recharge, its exhilarating to see your creation come to life, its also messy and thats okay! Just have a few rags, paper towels or baby wipes close by! Amazon 


A tablecover is important to protect your table.  This can be as simple as breaking down the box you item comes in to use as a crafting surface to old newspapers, wrapping paper, garbage bags, wax paper, cardboard or dollar store plastic table clothes. Simple and Easy.


“Creativity is messy and we are very creative!” Don’t be like me and have a closet full of paint clothes!! Grab an apron!!

Blow Dryer

Waiting for paint to dry can be like watching water boil, boring!  We want to keep moving forward so having a blow dryer handing can keep the momentum going and help us complete a project in one sitting. Amazon 


Every once in a while you may need the following:
Hammer ~ Screwdriver ~ Wire Cutters ~ Clamps or Weights ~ Craft Twizzors

Just Fun Stuff


Wether you have a dedicated craft space or are working at the kitchen table, storage is key.  Pretty jars, bowls and vases can help keep our supplies in order and create a beautiful space we love being in. I also love the rolling 3 tiered metal carts (so much I have 3 of them).  They make it easy to organize supplies and if you are short on space, they are compact and can be stored in a closet or under a table/counter.  

Pen Paints

Pain Pens are fun and come in so many great colors. I love using this for detail work and handwriting quotes on pieces! Amazon

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