Farmhouse DIY Reversible A-Frame Sign
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This Farmhouse DIY Reversible A-Frame Sign project turned out so cute and is my new favorite! I just love the rustic frame, the art, and the fun funky bow! I just love it, okay? I may need one for every holiday! The was so easy and budget-friendly.

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SUPPLIES Needed for the Farmhouse DIY Reversible A-Frame Sign:

  • 2 Canvas Panels, I used 8×10
  • 6 Paint sticks
  • Art Prints (grab mine for free below)
  • Waverly Antique Wax or any paint you wish for the frame. 
  • White and Black acrylic paint for distressing
  • ModPodge
  • Old Gift Card or Craft Scraper
  • Paint Brush, Chip Brush
  • Sand Paper
  • Jute
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters, Box Cutters to cut the Paint Sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Raffia
  • Hot glue gun
Farmhouse DIY Reversible A-Frame Sign
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Follow this quick video, or read the step-by-step directions below:

  1. First, lay your paint sticks on the canvas, mark the edge, and cut. Started with the top piece of the frame. Scored with a large wire cutter and snapped the paint stick. Once cut Sand the cut edge if it is rough. Next, cut the 2 side pieces, to create legs let your side pieces hang down the bottom of the canvas for about 3 inches. Use the handle end of the paint stick that has the arched cutouts for a decorative leg. For the last piece, place the side pieces on the canvas, and measured the space between them for the bottom frame piece. Repeat this for the second frame.
  2. Apply the Waverly antique wax or any other finish you wish. Let dry.
  3. Print out your art or grab mine from the link below.
  4. Use Mod Podge to glue art to the canvas panels. Use an old gift card or scraper to smooth out any bubbles and excess mod podge. Let dry.
  5. Use the Waverly wax and a baby wipe to distress the edges of the art.
  6. Use a glue gun to attach your frame to the canvas panels.
  7. Use a chip brush to add some white and black streaks to add distressing and a pop of color to frames and edges of art. 
  8. To create the hinge, lay the canvas panels, back side up, with top edges touching. Lay 2 lines of glue about an inch on the sides of each canvas. Lay a 2-inch piece of jute connecting the two canvas panels.
  9. To keep the frame from sliding out from the bottom create a locking hinge with a 3” piece of jute, glue it to the inside bottom middle of one canvas then fold the frame and glue it to the other canvas’ inside bottom
  10. Last, add ribbon, raffia, leaves, etc to your liking to decorate the top corner of the frames.
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Free Farmhouse DIY Reversible A-Frame Sign Prints

This Farmhouse DIY Reversible A-Frame Sign is super easy and I just love how it turned out. You can create these for all holidays or make it an everyday decor piece with inspiring quotes. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.

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