Grapevine Pumpkin Door Hanger
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With temps over 100 here I am ready for fall! (But also don’t want summer to end so there’s a dilemma.) I will start crafting fall items as I wait. I have always loved the texture of grapevine and have wanted to try shaping my own. I am pleasantly surprised by how easy it was and believe the soaking was the key to this project. I hope you give this easy beautiful DIY grapevine pumpkin door hanger a try!

Grapevine Pumpkin Door Hanger
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Supplies needed for the DIY Grapevine Pumpkin Door Hanger

  • Roll of grapevine
  • Wire or jute
  • Wire cutters
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • Floral pieces
  • hot glue gun and hot glue
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Follow this quick video, or read the step-by-step directions below:

Steps to make a DIY Grapevine Pumpkin Door Hanger

  1. First, soak your grapevine overnight or for 3-4 hours prior to crafting in hot water to help make it pliable. 
  2. Towel dry.
  3. Determine the size of the door hanger you want. Mine is approximately 22” wide and 14” tall. I did not measure just played with the grapevine to see what I would like. Cut 3 pieces to form ovals, my were about 35”-40” long.
  4. Gather each piece and overlap about 2 – 3”, weaving the ends together then secure by wrapping with wire or jute. With one of the longer pieces I left an 8” tail to become the pumpkin stem.
  5. To get an oval shape you may need to temporarily wrap wire/jute around the middle and squeeze the circle into an oval. Once the grapevine dries you can remove the wire/jute.
  6. Lay 2 ovals next to each other, then add the third on top of them. Wrap the intersections with wire/jute.
  7. Decorate with floral, and wrap the pieces around the grapevine with wire/jute to secure. Another option is to seure the floral pieces with hot glue. o the bottom-right corner of the canvas. 
  8. Add a bow using multiple ribbons or keep it simple with a solid color. 
  9. Optional, after it dries for at least 36 hours you could cut out the center to make the wreath look more like a pumpkin. Just make sure your wraps at the intersection are secure.
Grapevine Pumpkin Door Hanger
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I LOVE how this turned out! The colors, the texture, and the shape all speak to my pumpkin-lovin’ heart. It may or may not be hanging in my house already (in July)!

Thank you for popping in, if you make a DIY grapevine pumpkin door hanger share your success, leave a comment below!
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Your friend ~ Byrdie 

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